Put out more flags

Mickey Kaus notes something odd in the Los Angeles Times coverage of the march of the illegals this past weekend:

That propagandistic LAT story on Saturday’s big demonstration, the one that mentioned the presence of Mexican flags only in the tenth paragraph, has now been amended and updated–to eliminate any reference to Mexican flags at all! The story now also contains the following:

In contrast to demonstrations 12 years ago against Proposition 187, Saturday’s rally featured more American flags than those from any other country.

From what I saw, this statement is false. There were about as many Mexican as American flags (as reported below)….Maybe it depends what part of the demo you were at and at what time. But at the very least “more American flags” is a highly deceptive assertion.

In his post, Kaus links to the Times articles to which he refers as well as a relevant photo. He also emphasizes his points in bold that I haven’t reproduced here.