Sunnis Driving al Qaeda From Anbar

We’ve written several times about the growing rift between al Qaeda In Iraq and the Sunni population there. This is important, since al Qaeda is a predominantly if not exclusively Sunni organization, and at one point Sunni Baathists were largely cooperating with al Qaeda’s “foreign fighters.”
No longer, as the Associated Press reports: “Some Sunnis Targeting al-Qaida in Iraq”:

Residents reported curious declarations hanging from mosque walls and market stalls recently in Ramadi, the Sunni Muslim insurgent stronghold west of Baghdad. The fliers said Iraqi militants had turned on and were killing foreign al-Qaida fighters, their one-time allies.
A local tribal leader and Iraq’s Defense Ministry have said followers of Jordanian militant Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, leader of al-Qaida in Iraq, have begun fleeing Anbar province and Ramadi, its capital, to cities and mountain ranges near the Iranian border.

The article concludes:

Al-Jadaan, the Anbar tribal leader, looked confidently to the future and


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