The boola boola mullah

John Fund continues his series of columns on Taliban Man at Yale: “The story thus far.” Dean Stephen Walt is representative of Harvard’s rot. Here the pride of Yale — Professor Donald Kagan — himself identifies Yale’s rot:

Back in the early 1990s, when he was dean of Yale College, Yale history professor Don Kagan warned about what he called the university’s “mutual massage” between value-neutral professors and soft-minded students. He is even more critical now: “The range of debate on campus is more narrow than ever today, and the Taliban incident is a wake-up call that moral relativism is totally unexamined here. The ability of students to even think clearly about patriotism and values is being undermined by faculty members who believe that at heart every problem has a U.S. origin.” Mr. Kagan isn’t optimistic that Yale will respond to outside pressure. “They have a $15 billion endowment, and I know Yale’s governing board is handpicked to lick the boots of the president,” he told me. “The only way Yale officials can be embarrassed is if a major donor publicly declares he is no longer giving to them. Otherwise, they simply don’t care what the outside world thinks.”

Yale alum Clint Taylor also has another worthy column on Taliban Man at Yale: “The boola boola mullah.”


The photo above accompanies Taylor’s column. In the photo, as part of his official duties with the Taliban regime, Taliban Man shows a book confiscated from the International Assistance Mission. Eight foreign aid workers had been arrested and were on trial on charges of preaching Christianity. Taylor invites Yale and Taliban Man to speak up on behalf of Abdul Rahman, who faces execution in Afghanistan for having converted to Christianity 15 years ago.


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