The Northern Alliance, Unalloyed

Tune in from 11 to 1 today (central) to hear me, Chad the Elder and Brian “Saint Paul” Ward on Volume I of the Northern Alliance Radio Network. You can listen on the web here. We’re not interviewing an author or politician today, so it will be two hours of news talk and calls. Lots to cover–Feingold’s censure resolution, the release of the Iraqi documents and tapes, Justice Ginsburg’s international law speech, and, for those who follow Minnesota politics, a mini-scandal that could have an impact on who controls the U.S. Senate in 2007: our Democrat Senate Majority Leader apparently fibbed, to put it politely, about purported conversations he claimed to have had with various justices of the Minnesota Supreme Court about the state’s Defense of Marriage Act.

So tune in! Our two hours will be followed, as always, by Volume II of the Northern Alliance.


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