The Oscars Are Coming!

Ann Coulter’s first annual Oscars predictions are hilarious. Ann says she’s uniquely qualified to predict the results, since she hasn’t seen any film nominated in any category. I’ve had years like that, but this time I have seen two nominated movies–Good Night and Good Luck, which we screened at a Power Line night at the movies in New York, and Pride and Prejudice, which I liked a lot.
Fortunately, listeners to the Northern Alliance Radio Network on 1280 AM the Patriot or on the web on Saturday won’t have to rely on my meagre expertise. From 12 to 1 central time, we’ll be interviewing Stephen Hunter, film critic for the Washington Post. We’ll spend the first couple of segments talking about his new book, American Gunfight: The Plot to Kill Harry Truman. The second half of the hour, we’ll discuss the Oscars and get Stephen’s opinions of the films, as well as his predictions.
It should be a lot of fun; tune in!
SCOTT adds: Stephen Hunter may be the best working film critic in the country. He’s literate, biting, funny and smart. Many of our readers know him as the author of a long line of excellent suspense novels including, most recently (I think), Havana, one of his Earl Swagger novels. The Hunter oeuvre is accessible here, and the unofficial Web page devoted to his work is here. Hunter’s Washington Post top 10 list for 2005 is here.


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