25 years and still going strong

One week from today, the Dartmouth Review will hold its 25th anniversary gala in New York City. Mark Steyn is the featured speaker.

The current issue of the Review features a hard-hitting review of David Horowitz’s new book, The Professors: The 101 Most Dangerous Academics in America. Although I admire Horowitz, I suspect (based on having read portions of the book) that the reviewer has a point when he states:

The problem in academia. . .is not the few fringe terrorist turned professors, but rather the widespread homogeneity of opinion that is decidedly left-leaning. . . .[Horowitz] never stops to think that 36 moderately liberal professors could push opinion better than one bombastic professor who radicalizes opinion. Constant exposure to these well-meaning liberals is the basis of the “indoctrination” debate. . . .


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