A teacher for Taliban Man?

The daughter formerly known as “Little Trunk” and her co-author Mitch Webber report on developments at Yale in a New York Sun exclusive (subscribers only): “Yale’s next tenured radical?” I hope to prevail on the Sun (or my daughter) to make the text of the article available to nonsubsribers later today. Here is the opening:

Yale University is on the verge of offering a faculty appointment to the University of Michigan Professor Juan Cole. That is the word around the campus here in New Haven. If Yale proceeds with the appointment, it will bring in one of the few professors in the United States, perhaps the only one, who has publicly endorsed the recent paper warning against American support of Israel by John Mearsheimer of the University of Chicago and Stephen Walt of Harvard.

A professor of modern Middle East and South Asian history at the University of Michigan, Mr. Cole rose to national prominence in the wake of September 11 when reporters and journalists began seeking him out as an authority on the modern Middle East. It is on similar grounds – seeking a scholar of the contemporary Middle East – that the Yale Center for International and Area Studies and the Yale History Department have sought out Mr. Cole.

Further to the exchange here over the past few days among Paul, John, David Horowitz and me regarding David’s new book The Professors, Cole is coincidentally one of the most prominent moonbat professors profiled in the book. Will Yale alumni please speak up before Cole’s appointment becomes a done deal?

UPDATE: At our request the Sun has made the column accessible in full to Power Line readers: “Yale’s next tenured radical?” (Thanks to Maggie Shnayerson.) Yale alum and AEI Resident Scholar/Middle East Quarterly editor Michael Rubin speaks up in today’s Yale Daily News: “Cole is poor choice for Mideast position.”


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