Blog of the Week: Betsy’s Page

This week’s Blog of the Week is Betsy’s Page. Its proprietor is Betsy Newmark, who teaches AP History, AP Government and Politics, and a class on the Revolution and Civil War at a charter school in Raleigh, North Carolina. She writes:

Blogging is a family affair for us since my husband, a professor of economics at North Carolina State University, has his own blog, Newmark’s Door, and my older daughter blogs about education and economics at A Constrained Vision.

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Over the years we’ve been blogging, we’ve had several near-death experiences–mostly during the relatively brief time when we were on Blogger. Never as bad as the one Betsy experienced a couple of weeks ago, however, when Betsy’s Page suddenly disappeared from Blogger, and someone else usurped her URL. Thankfully, she got the situtation straightened out before too long, and was back in business.