Four years of the condor

A.J. Strata notes the sudden ubiquity of former CIA agents seeking to take out the Bush administration: “More rogue CIA agents in the media.” A.J. writes:

If I was the paranoid kind, I would think ex-CIA agents and NSC members are trying to instigate a bloodless coup d’etat. I am not there yet. But with McCarthy’s firing as the first publicized peron caught (or should we say confessing) to discussing classified matters with reporters without authorization (is that accurately worded so McCarthy lawyer Cobb can’t pull a clinton-esque spin job?) it is interesting to see who is coming out and about in the media…

John and I have been writing on matters related to A.J.’s post for a while. I devoted a Standard column to the subject in “Three years of the Condor.” John took it up in his Standard column “Leaking at all costs.”

UPDATE: A.J. backpedals a bit in a major update/addendum that now leads the post.


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