Friday morning live with Al Franken


Yesterday reader John Matthews wrote to ask if we had seen Al Franken’s performance on the Today Show yesterday morning (above). We hadn’t, but we forwarded the tip to Brian Maloney at Radio Equalizer. Brian’s report is here. Brian enlisted Ian Schwartz to round up the video at Expose the Left. Scott Whitlock has posted the transcript at Newsbusters.


In Painting the Map Red, the tireless Hugh Hewitt observes that the Internet has moved the Democratic Party in the direction of radicalism and vulgarity. (In the photoshopped photo above, young Jack Roberts helps publicize Hugh’s new book; Hugh’s fans have contributed more than 200 photoshopped publicity shots to the gallery set up at Radioblogger.) Al Franken is illustrative of the phenomenon, as he demonstrated in his Today Show appearance yesterday. Are these folks too old to relearn civility, if not common sense?


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