Hillary’s huge problem

Dick Morris, who advised the Clinton’s to “triangulate” in the 1990s, now thinks that Hillary may have made a mistake by triangulating a decade later, and that Al Gore may be the beneficiary. He writes:

Hillary Clinton bet on consensus and centrism in backing the war and an aggressive policy on terrorism — and may have bet wrong. There are no rewards for those who push consensus when we want polarized debate. Ask the George H.W. Bush of 1992, the Jimmy Carter of 1980 and Gerald Ford. Fate is equally unkind to polarizers when we want consensus. Ask John Kerry, Bob Dole, Mike Dukakis and Walter Mondale.

The key word in this passage is “we.” Democratic primary voters probably want polarized debate, but I doubt that the general electorate does. Therein lies Hillary’s huge problem. And Gore’s.


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