Immigration Poll Results So Far

Nearly 10,000 votes have been cast in our immigration policy poll. So far, our readers are showing a clear preference for enforcement. The question is, “What should be our highest priority in formulating policies on immigration?” Here are the most popular answers so far:

Strengthening control of our borders to prevent possible terrorists and criminals from entering illegally: 44%

Erecting a wall and stricter border controls to stop non-English speaking immigrants who are not interested in assimilating: 33%

Cracking down on employers to prevent illegal immigrants from taking jobs and driving down the wages available to native-born Americans: 11%

So far, only 2% have voted for “Providing a path to citizenship for the illegal aliens who are already here” as the top policy priority.

If you haven’t already voted in the poll, you can do so at Power Line News. You can vote once a day. We’ll probably wrap up the poll late Monday.


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