It Beats the Heck Out of Rocket Boom

Michelle Malkin has unveiled a new video site called Hot Air. The site includes what’s intended to be a daily newscast by Michelle, delivered in Flash. (A lot of work has obviously gone into the debut video. It will be interesting to see whether Michelle can keep that up on a daily basis!) There’s more to Hot Air than the daily newscast. The site will also feature “original video, photography, audio, photoshop parodies, and investigative reporting.” So there is some overelap between Hot Air and what we’re doing with our video site.

Which makes me wonder: should we start doing a daily newscast, too? Probably not. Somehow I don’t think people would be as interested in watching Paul, Scott and me deliver the news.

Congratulations to Michelle and her collaborators. Hot Air looks like a valuable, and fun, contribution to the conservative side of the web.


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