It’s Hard to Keep Up…

…with the revelations coming out about Dana Priest, the Washington Post reporter who published the “secret prisons” story, and Mary McCarthy, the Democratic Party activist and now-fired CIA bureaucrat who leaked the story to Priest.

Sweetness & Light points out that Dana Priest is married to William Goodfellow, the Executive Director of the the Center for International Policy (CIP). At the top of its web site is CIP’s mission statement: “Promoting a foreign policy based on cooperation, demilitarization and human rights.” It appears that CIP’s idea of “demilitarization and human rights” is best exemplified by Cuba.

Sweetness & Light goes on to hightlight connections among CIP, which operates The Iraq Policy Information Program, Joe Wilson, and Dana Priest. This is not just guilt by association: Priest herself participated in an anti-Iraq war program put on by her husband’s group, CIP, along with Joe Wilson and other even more unsavory characters. (Via The Corner).

Then we have Ms. McCarthy, the CIA leaker, who turns out to be a substantial contributor to the Democratic Party. Andy McCarthy notes that the Washington Post has published a sympatetic portrait of McCarthy–who leaked, remember, to the Post, resulting in a story for which the Post won a Pulitzer Prize–which touts McCarthy as unbiased without ever mentioning that she was a Kerry supporter who has given up to $7,700 a year to Democratic candidates!

So we have a Democratic Party activist violating federal law by leaking classified information to an antiwar activist on the payroll of the Washington Post, which publishes the criminal leak and is awarded a prize by the left-wing Pulitzer committee.

Finally, several bloggers are speculating about the possibility that the whole “secret prisons” story might have been a sting operation by the CIA designed to catch a leaker. I don’t think this can be true, based mosly on public statements that have been made by intelligence officials, but it is a curious fact that there doesn’t seem to be any evidence for the existence of the secret prisons other than Dana Priest’s story. Can it be that this is one secret the CIA has actually been able to keep, but for the leak?


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