Looking for a few good fellows

Our friends at the Claremont Institute are inviting applications for their annual Lincoln Fellowship program. As its name implies, the Lincoln Fellowship Program places special emphasis on the statesmanship of Abraham Lincoln and features several of the finest teachers of politics in the United States including Professors Charles Kesler, Tom West, Ed Erler and John Marini. The program seeks to promote an understanding of the moral basis of law, exemplified in the speeches and deeds of Abraham Lincoln.

Lincoln Fellowships are offered to young professionals serving elected officials or appointed policy-makers in the federal government, as well as staff members of national political parties and non-profit institutions that research and publish on public policy and constitutional issues. Ideal applicants are “ambitious, civic-minded professionals who are working in the area of national public policy, and who seek the return of limited constitutional government.” Past years’ Lincoln Fellows have also included media types such as the Wall Street Journal’s Hugo Restall and cartoonist Michael Ramirez.

The 2006 program will run August 5-13 at the Lodge at Rancho Mirage hotel in Southern California. Application materials are due by May 5. More information and applications to download are available here. Bios of 2005 Fellows are available here.


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