Meet the new axis

The bland headline over this AP story does not quite do it justice: “Israel, Palestinian envoy trade charges.” Here is the lead:

Israel said Monday that a new “axis of terror” — Iran, Syria and the Hamas-run Palestinian government — is sowing the seeds of the first world war of the 21st century. The Palestinians accused Israel of an escalating and indiscriminate military campaign that targets civilians and entrenches its occupation.

The Israeli and Palestinian envoys traded charges at an open Security Council meeting held in response to the recent upsurge in Israeli attacks in Gaza. It took place on a day that a Palestinian suicide bomber struck a packed fast-food restaurant in Tel Aviv, killing nine people in the deadliest bombing in more than a year.

Recent statements by the Palestinian government, Iran and Syria, including one by Hamas on Monday defending the suicide bombing, “are clear declarations of war, and I urge each and every one of you to listen carefully and take them at face value,” said Israel’s U.N. Ambassador Dan Gillerman.

“A dark cloud is looming above our region, and it is metastasizing as a result of the statements and actions by leaders of Iran, Syria, and the newly elected government of the Palestinian Authority,” Gillerman warned.

Iran is of course the heart of the axis of evil postulated by President Bush as well as the new axis of terror postulated by Amb. Gillerman. The mad mullahs must specially prize Iran’s appointment to the UN Commission on Disarmament. I wonder if that pending appointment might not have accounted for the halo Iranian President Ahmadinejad sensed around his head when he addressed the United Nations.


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