New At Power Line Video

Several new video clips are available at Power Line Video. These include two new military videos, “Scenes from Operation Swarmer” and “Prisoner Release.” You can also see some archive footage of Cynthia McKinney donning her tinfoil hat. (No one will be shocked to learn that Ms. McKinney was our Loon of the Week on the Northern Alliance earlier today. Podcast coming soon.)

We’ve also added–I should say, the stunningly competent and effective Joe Malchow has added–a sidebar link to the video site. So check back early and often, as we’ll continue to add more content frequently.

We’ve also opened a new gmail account specifically to receive video content sent in by our readers. If you have video footage that you think may be newsworthy, send it to [email protected] We’ll soon be adding a permanent link to the horizontal toolbar at the top of the site.


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