Not Dhimmitude but attitude, Part Two

Our friend Diana West writes the following in response to my post about her column comparing the Islamic concept of dhimmitude to the attitude of many illegal immigrants in this country:

I of course agree that there are profound differences between Islam and Hispanics(/Mexican) culture. When I was writing my piece, I actually made myself a chart and there was, obviously, no ideology or system corresponding to the entry in the Islamic column for sharia.

The similarities that really hit home for me lie in the attitudes of the host cultures: Europe and the US. Both are being irreversibly transformed by demographic changes wrought by influxes of peoples, legal and illegal, who are not going to assimilate in such a way as to perpetuate the culture as it exists–existed. But in both Europe and the US it is verboten to notice, discuss, debate, and certainly oppose this epochal–irreversible (Europe) or soon to be (US)–turning point in the history of mankind.

The fact that we are seeing a covergence on the extreme Left of Islamic jihadist and Hispanic separtist groups (would-be Reconquistadors who actually do hate the US) opposing the enforcement or strengthening of immigration law in the US suggests to me that, in making common cause, they have a similar objective–the further dissolution of “the West.”


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