“Off the Pigs”–They Were Just Kidding!

Amazingly enough, a proposal to rename a portion of a Chicago street in honor of Black Panther Fred Hampton, who was killed in a shootout with Chicago police in 1969, came close to being adopted. Thankfully, it has now been defeated. The Panthers were nothing more or less than a criminal gang. But Chicago alderman Madeline Haithcock, who sponsored the proposal to honor the murderous thugs, says it’s all a misunderstanding:

“Certain interest groups have successfully conspired to confuse and intimidate the public on the issue,” Haithcock wrote in a statement Wednesday. She said her effort to honor Hampton, regarded as a folk hero by some in the African-American community, was “in no way intended to divide the City Council or disrespect the 13,000 individuals serving the Chicago Police Department,” the Chicago Tribune reported.

Right. When the Panthers said “Off the pigs,” they meant no disrespect.


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