Oops, Never Mind

Remember the news accounts of thirty headless bodies being found near Baghdad? Of course you do. The New York Times headlined: “30 Beheaded Bodies Found; Iraqi Death Squads Blamed.” It appears, though, that it never happened. UPI reports:

A top U.S. general in Iraq said reports that 30 headless bodies were found north of Baghdad were false.

“We went to multiple sites to look for the 32 headless bodies that was reported to our headquarters, and we did not find anything; nor did any of the local citizens that were in these areas could verify that anybody had ever been in there. So I look at that report as completely false right now,” said Maj. Gen. James Thurman, the commanding general of the 4th Infantry Division.

Mudville Gazette was all over this on Saturday, noting, among other things, a sort-of-correction in the Times–in the 17th paragraph of a subsequent article.

Via Power Line News.


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