Operation Mountain Lion Underway

Last week, coalition and Afghan forces launched Operation Mountain Lion, one of the largest military efforts since the overthrow of the Taliban:

Afghan and coalition forces killed six insurgents today while conducting offensive operations in the Marawara district of Afghanistan’s Kunar province.

Military officials in Afghanistan said Operation Mountain Lion is part of the coalition’s ongoing series of offensives that aim to disrupt insurgent activities, deny them sanctuary and prevent their ability to restock.

Operations today began with predawn air-and-ground assaults in the Pech River Valley, an area notorious for terrorist activity, Combined Force Command Afghanistan officials said.

More than 2,500 Afghan National Army and coalition forces are involved in the operation.

“We’re taking the fight to the terrorists in their own backyard,” said Army Command Sgt. Maj. James Redmore of Task Force Spartan. “They gave their victims no sanctuary. They’ll receive none from us.”

Central Command has made available some good video footage of Operation Mountain Lion. This video provides an overview of the operation, while this one, which was shot aboard aircraft on Saturday, shows operations, including mid-air refueling, carried out by KC-135 aircraft and F-15 E Strike Eagles.


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