Reporting From the Scene

Michael Totten is back in Kurdish northern Iraq and has filed his fifth post from there. It’s an excellent essay with lots of good pictures of “Kurdistan,” which Totten describes as the Utah of the Middle East. It’s great to get original and insightful reporting from someone outside the MSM. Michael is relying on contributions from readers to finance his trip, so please consider hitting his tip jar.

Meanwhile, Bill Roggio has merged his site with The Counterterrorism Blog and is leaving for Afghanistan next month as an embedded reporter. Roggio intends to devote his efforts full-time to the Counterterrorism Foundation.

And, finally, Michael Yon has set up Frontline Forum as a place where military personnel can post their thoughts and observations.

All of which means that you can get direct, unfiltered news from Iraq and Afghanistan without having to rely on the MSM.

HT: InstaPundit

UPDATE: A reader says that Totten has returned and is writing about his trip from the U.S.


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