Talking Baseball on the Northern Alliance

I’ll be on the radio from 11 to 1 central time, as usual, today. Tune in on AM 1280 the Patriot, go here to listen on the web, or watch for the podcast later in the weekend.

Today we’ll present our regular “Loon of the Week” and “The Week in Gatekeeping” awards. In addition, we will have a very special guest from 12:30 to 1 central: Bill James, the legendry sabermetrician! To say that Bill James knows more about baseball than any other living person would be an understatement. A couple of weeks ago, we had Michael Barone as a guest, talking about prospects for November’s elections. One way to praise Barone would be to say that he is the Bill James of politics. (An apt analogy, actually.) I, personally, can’t wait to talk about subjects like why major league managers are still ordering sacrifice bunts–especially in the American League!

So tune in for what promises to be a fun broadcast.


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