The arrogance of (waning) power, Part Two

In a piece below, I commend the Washington Post for criticizing Maryland Democrats over their efforts to tilt the state vote so as to preserve their seemingly waning power. But arguably the Post is guilty of something similar when it editorializes in favor of “shutting down the kind of 527 ‘soft money’ operations that flourished during the 2004 comapaign, like the Democrats’ America Coming Together and Republicans’ [sic] Swift Boat Veterans for Truth.”

I suspect that the Post’s position is driven by the desire to limit the number of voices other than its own (and those like it) that provide information to the public during elections. But in 2004 the public seemed quite interested in the information provided by the Swift Vets and by the Soros operation, as reflected, I would argue, in the unexpectedly high turnout.


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