The Connection

This interview of Tom Joscelyn by FrontPage Magazine provides an excellent summary of what we’ve learned so far from the Project Harmony documents. Tom adds some other information, too, some of which was new to me, like this:

Just recently, however, [Dr. Muhammad al-Massari, the head of the Committee for Defense of Legitimate Rights, a known al Qaeda propaganda organ based in London] confirmed that Saddam had joined forces with al Qaeda prior to the war. Al-Massari says that Saddam established contact with the “Arab Afghans” who fled Afghanistan to northern Iraq in 2001 and that he funded their relocation to Iraq under the condition that they would not seek to undermine his regime. Upon their arrival, these al Qaeda terrorists were put in contact with Iraqi army personnel, who armed and funded them.

Obviously, this paints a very different picture of prewar Iraq than many would like to see.


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