The Pulitzer Prize for Vapidity

Blog of the Week Betsy’s Page rips the Pulitzer Prize which has unaccountably been awarded to Robin Givhan of the Washington Post, for style, or something:

In the past couple of years, I’ve bemusedly followed the fashion stylings of the Washington Post fashion writer, Robin Givhan, as she bashed the clothes that conservatives wore while going all tiddly for John Kerry’s and John Edward’s coiffures. If you needed any more of an indication of how questionable the judgment of the the Pulitzer Prize judges can be, you would need to know no more than that they saw fit to give Givhan the Pulitzer this year for her “her witty, closely observed essays that transform fashion criticism into cultural criticism.” If that seems like the type of writing that Maureen Dowd has been doing for years, you’re right. Givhan is a Dowd wannabe who seems to regret being stuck on the fashion beat.

Betsy goes on to cite chapter and verse on Ms. Givhan’s contributions to liberal obfuscation. We’ll have more to say about this year’s Pulitzers as time goes by.


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