The road to the world cup

Our mail demonstrates that we have a decent number of hard-core soccer fans among our readers. For them, I recommend the Washington Post’s Road to the World Cup blog.

One of the contributors is Steve Goff, who is the most knowledgeable American soccer writer I’ve ever read. A great guy too, I think. Years ago, he returned a phone call and spent ten minutes talking about the strengths and weaknesses of an MLS player that a friend who was coaching in Israel wanted information on. At the end of the conversation he said, “call me anytime.” I never took him up on this generous offer, though I kind of wish I had.

Here, Goff picks his American World Cup squad. As it happens, I had picked mine before tonight’s tune-up match with Jamaica. There was only one difference in our picks (I had Noonan instead of Ralston in a close call). After tonight, though, Chris Albright may have a good shot.


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