Tomorrow never knows

Bill Clinton makes a cameo appearance at the end of Mark Steyn’s column on the hard case presented by Iran’s nuclear program: “Policy on Iran nukes seems to be off target.” Here’s a highlight from the middle of the column:

The perfect summation of the Iranian approach to negotiations came in this gem of a sentence from the New York Times on July 13 last year:

“Iran will resume uranium enrichment if the European Union does not recognize its right to do so, two Iranian nuclear negotiators said in an interview published Thursday.”

Got that? If we don’t let Iran go nuclear, they’ll go nuclear. That position might tax even the nuanced detecting skills of John Kerry.

When you reach Steyn’s conclusion with Clinton’s cameo appearance, recall the opening of the Beatles’ “Tomorrow Never Knows”: “Turn off your mind, relax and float downstream.”

UPDATE: Reader Dave Madren comments: “Now I know why Clinton’s campaign song was ‘Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow.'” Perfect!


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