Video Wanted

If you missed it yesterday, check out Ready. Aim. Shoot! We’re looking for readers (or anyone) to show up at any of the pro-illegal immigration rallies going on today with a video camera (or regular camera), record what you see and send us the footage. We’ll edit it and put it up on Power Line Video. “Ready. Aim. Shoot!” has lots more info and instructions.

UPDATE: Here’s how the immigration rallies will look in the MSM:


That was the Associated Press. Reuters, meanwhile, explains that the protesters are marching for “fair immigration laws.” It would be nice if citizen journalists could provide a little balance!

UPDATE: We’ve gotten a lot of interesting video from around the country, and still photos as well. We’re expecting material to continue coming in through tomorrow morning. We’ll try to get it edited and put together into one or a series of videos some time tomorrow.


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