You Won’t Believe This!

No matter how low your opinion of George Galloway may be, you’ll be astonished at the “debate” between Galloway and Richard Perle on Abu Dhabi television. See it now on Power Line Video.

I thought Galloway had bottomed out when he referred to the “crazed Zionist Crusader fundamentalists who got us into this [Iraq] war,” but he descended still lower when he interrupted Perle with an interjection of, “Show us the shekels, Richard.” Oh, and he supported Iran’s nuclear effort, too.


This originally appeared on Memri TV, and they kindly shared it with us. MEMRI is a great organization that merits financial support from those who are able.

Also new on Power Line Video: Film of a cordon search by American and Iraqi troops, in which all appears to go smoothly and even amiably, until a hidden weapons cache is discovered near the end of the clip.

Lots more to come. If you check the horizontal toolbar at the top of this page, you’ll see that we’ve added a link that says “Send Us Video.” Anyone having video footage, shot by yourself or someone else, that you think is newsworthy, can click on that link and send it to us as an email attachment. If the file is too large for that to be practical, send an email and we’ll reply with mailing instructions.


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