“You’re O.K.”

Joe Malchow of former Power Line blog of the week Joe’s Dartblog continues his good work, particularly in this insightful post explaining how President Bush found just the right words when Chinese president Hu Jintao was was heckled and jeered during their joint appearance at the White House.

On a personal note, I want to thank Joe for helping my daughter orient herself during her just-completed visit to Dartmouth.

JOHN adds a personal note, too: I’ve just returned from a delightful trip to Dartmouth, my first in over 20 years, for a board meeting. I spent some time with Joe, who has been helping us with various technical issues on our sites. It was great to get to know him after countless phone calls and emails. Throughout the time I was in Hanover, I’d see groups of prospective freshmen being shepherded around the campus. I knew Emily M. was there, so I scrutinized each group as closely as I could without being suspected of being a stalker. Unfortunately, I didn’t bump into her.

As most readers know, one thing the three of us have in common is that we all were at Dartmouth in the late 60s and early 70s. When I arrived in Hanover in 1967 as a 16 year old freshman, I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. I’ve never really changed my mind about that. This weekend, I was delighted to find that the old place hasn’t changed much at all, visually, at least. While we’ve had our conflicts with the college’s administration, I have more fondness for Dartmouth than any other institution or organization with which I’ve been associated. If you have kids who are thinking about colleges–or if you’re a kid thinking about colleges–consider the College on the Hill.


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