A Prosecutor Disgraced

We’re a day late on this one, but you shouldn’t miss this scathing evisceration of a corrupt, politicized prosecutor, Barry Krischer of Palm Beach County, Florida, who has been harassing Rush Limbaugh for, what? the last couple of years? by Andrew McCarthy and Mark Levin. Krischer’s prosecution has finally fizzled out. McCarthy and Levin write:

From day one [Limbaugh] has maintained he is innocent of any crimes. That assertion has stood the test of time, and it stands today as this shameful investigation ends.

We are former federal government attorneys. We’ve collectively spent decades in law enforcement and believe passionately in its professional, non-political, non-partisan mission. Thus, it’s with outrage that we note that, rather than quietly dropping this embarrassment of an investigation, the state attorney, Barry Krischer—a politically active liberal Democrat—has insisted on filing a charge which he well knows will never be tried. Insisting, that is, on further media churning of an allegation of doctor-shopping that he’ll never prove.

Rush is entering a plea of not guilty. The case will be dismissed in 18 months, when Rush completes the treatment he undertook on his own. There is no reason to file a charge that is without foundation and will never result in a judgment of conviction. But, under Florida procedures, this means a person is “processed.” That is, by this petty maneuver, Krischer has arranged for a mug shot of Rush Limbaugh.

Krischer ought to be ashamed of himself, and the people of Palm Beach County ought to be frightened by what passes for law enforcement in their neck of the woods.

Krischer has indeed been disgraced by this politically motivated prosecution. It is a timely reminder of how much discretion is vested in our state and federal prosecutors, and how much peril we are all in when they abuse their public trust.


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