A small-tent circus

The United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) may not be the CIA, but that doesn’t mean that its leftist career employees can’t flex their muscle in ways that embarrass (or should embarrass) the administration. Roger Clegg, the head of the Center for Equal Opportunity, reports that EEOC Chair Cari Dominguez (a Republican appointee) “disinvited” him to a testify before the Commission about affirmative action and diversity in the workplace.

Clegg is a leading spokesman against preferential treatment by employers for members of minority groups. His position has the support of the American people and the occasional half-hearted support of the president. It is also written into the civil rights laws that the EEOC is supposed to enforce. Nonetheless, Dominguez was forced to revoke her invitation to Clegg on the grounds that his views are so offensive to career employees that merely stating them would create a circus atmosphere and even provoke a mutiny.

Dominguez also told Clegg that she did not want the EEOC “to look like the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights back when Mary Frances Berry headed it.” The appalling Berry tried to use the Civil Rights Commission to promote her socialist agenda, and was none too tolerant of those who stood in her way. Ironically, though, Clegg says that Berry allowed him to testify before her Commission. Sometimes being a wimp can be worst than being a dogmatic leftist.

The full text of the testimony Clegg would have provided can be found here.


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