A word from the Right Brothers

The Right Brothers are the talented musicians who brought us “Bush is Right.” Their motto is “Truth disguised as mucic,” and having listened now to their two compact discs, I can say they serve up a generous portion of both. They write:

Friends: The Right Brothers are touring the country this summer (16 cities) with “Operation Completion”, a pro-troop organization. The purpose of the tour is to support and encourage our military & their families and to promote completing the mission we started in Afghanistan and Iraq.

This organization is headed by Micah Derry (18 years old) and other young people. The first show is this Friday in Sacramento, California. Micah is having difficulty raising financial support for this show and the tour in general, and is (surprise) having a hard time getting support and coverage from the media.

We want to combat this problem and therefore we need your help. If possible, please promote this pro-troop tour on your radio programs and blogs as much as possible and as soon as possible. Two things are needed: donations and for people to show up at the rallies. If you want The Right Brothers or Micah Derry for a radio or blog interview, please let me know.

Visit www.operationcompletion.com for more information or to make tax deductible donations, or view the tour schedule at www.therightbrothers.com.

I’ve uploaded two songs for you here. They are BRAND NEW and written/recorded for this tour. They will also be on the upcoming album. You can play them on your radio programs but they are not yet available for purchase.

Thanks, as always, for your help and support. We can’t do this without you!

The Right Brothers
[email protected]

We hope to meet up with the Right Brothers in St. Paul on June 17.