Any Bush Critic Is A Good Bush Critic

Ray McGovern is the former CIA employee who heckled Don Rumsfeld in Atlanta last week. This led to his being hailed as a “truth-teller” by the mainstream media. Gateway Pundit was all over the case, pointing out that McGovern has a long record as a far-left nutjob. Now Tom Joscelyn has written us to say:

The media has lionized this guy already, despite a long record of nutty beliefs and statements. I was watching CNN tonight (while at the gym) and they did a thoroughly dishonest segment in which they tried to paint Gateway Pundit and other right-wing blogs as just out to vilify McGovern because he went after Rumsfeld. There was no mention of his nutty comments.

The segment was so completely disingenuous it was ridiculous. But, the same thing is going on all throughout the press.

Anyway, this is the media at its worst…it would take them five seconds to figure out that McGovern is a moonbat.

Tom cites chapter and verse in the post linked to above. McGovern is Cindy Sheehan with a beard, with the same distressing tendency to start babbling about Israel at the wrong moment. He’s worse, actually: unlike Sheehan, McGovern has endorsed the idea that the Bush administration knew in advance about the September 11 attacks but “deliberately allowed 9/11 to happen.”

This is the man CNN says was “speaking truth to power” when he heckled Rumsfeld, and whom Andrew Sullivan–whose standards are getting lower all the time–described as “not some crazed lefty.” It’s scary to consider what it would take for a lefty to be cnsidered “crazed” by either Andrew or CNN.

SCOTT adds: George Gooding — Seixon — has more in “Secretary of defense.”


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