Backlash against the backlash

I recommend this piece by Diana West about the reaction against the illegal-alien amnesty movement as much for the writing as for the substance.

JOHN agrees: Great piece. We’re still waiting for the first liberal “backlash.” Here are a couple of key paragraphs:

According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, 463 immigration bills have been introduced just this year in 43 states, “the biggest crop of state immigration proposals ever recorded,” The Post writes. Most of the measures, the newspaper continues, “are designed to get tough on illegal immigrants, on employers who give them jobs and on state officials who give them benefits” — in other words, to fill the breach left by Congress ever since a patriot-lite Senate failed to pass Rep. Tom Tancredo’s eminently sensible immigration bill (complete with border fence) that came out of the House last year.

Will these get-tough — or, at least, get-tougher — state measures pass? The answer will tell us a lot about whether what we’re witnessing is a passing “backlash,” or a durable national movement, kicked off by the Minutemen Project, that has emerged from the vaccuum on border protection and national preservation left by our leaders in Washington.


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