Blood on Iran’s Hands

Blog of the Week Thomas Joscelyn comments on the State Department’s “Country Reports on Terrorism,” released last week, as it relates to Iran. Iran is making a considerable contribution to the terrorists in Iraq:

A multi-charged roadside bomb, developed by Hizbollah in Lebanon, is being used against British and American soldiers by Iraqi insurgents linked to Iran, according to military intelligence sources.

The device consists of an array of up to five armour-piercing “explosively formed projectiles” or EFPs, also known as shaped charges. They are fired at different angles at coalition vehicles, resulting in almost certain death for at least some of the soldiers inside.

The bombs are easier for insurgents to use because, unlike single EFP devices, they do not need to be carefully aimed and so can be planted beside a road within a few seconds. Their killing potential is also enhanced because more than one EFP is likely to hit a single vehicle.

Tom concludes:

[L]et’s be clear: There is much American blood on Tehran’s hands, in Iraq and elsewhere. The public debate over what to do about Iran should start with that fact.


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