Changing the rules of the game

Yesterday, I described how Minority Leader Reid played fast-and-loose with the facts in his attack on judicial nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Reid’s real problem with Kavanaugh, of course, is not the extent of his courtroom experience (about which Reid didn’t bother to educate himself) but rather Kavanaugh’s association with partisan Republican causes.

However, as Ed Whelan explains, such association has never been viewed as disqualifying in the past. Indeed, folks with far more partisan backgrounds than Kavanaugh have been confirmed for the D.C. Circuit as a matter of course. Ed cites Abner Mikva, Patricia Wald, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg as examples.

Once again, therefore, the Dems are trying to change the rules of the game, a move that Harry Reid’s misrepresentations of fact cannot mask. If they succeed, and perhaps even if they don’t, the rules are forever changed and Republicans will be within their rights if they block the next set of Mikvas, Walds, and Ginsburg’s.


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