Don’t Sweat the Big Stuff

The New York Times has never told its readers that the central claim made by Joe Wilson in his famous Times op-ed was untrue, its editorials are routinely filled with anti-Bush howlers picked up from DNC press releases and far-left web sites, and it still hasn’t mentioned that the Times reporters who cast aspersions on the legality of the NSA’s terrorist surveillance program are themselves in danger of indictment for exposing it to al Qaeda. But don’t assume that this means the paper’s fact-checkers are asleep at the switch. Not at all. It’s just a matter of priorities. From today’s corrections section:

An article on Friday about Hasbro’s decision to eliminate Atlantic City as the setting of its flagship version of Monopoly misstated the cost of putting a hotel on Ventnor Avenue and referred imprecisely to another property, Marvin Gardens. A hotel on Ventnor costs $750 ($150 each for four houses and another $150 for the hotel), not $400. Marvin Gardens was the final property created by Charles B. Darrow, the man who devised the game for Parker Brothers in the 1930’s; the final space on the board is Boardwalk. The article also misspelled the name of the neighborhood in Margate City, N.J., that inspired Marvin Gardens. It is Marven Gardens, not Marvyn.

That’s the Times: relentless in its quest for accuracy, when it doesn’t matter.