Eternal recurrence, take 2


Yesterday I noted Ian Buruma’s column updating the old story of the left’s love affair with thugs and murderers: “Thank you, my foolish friends in the West.” The phenomenon described in Buruma’s column can be extended to account in part for the absurd sight of Noam Chomsky paying tribute to Hezbollah last week (photo above), although Chomsky’s flattery of murderers deserves a more searing indictment than Buruma can work up. Something more along the lines of today’s column by David Horowitz and Jacob Laskin: “Noam Chomsky’s love affair with Nazis.”

MEMRI has posted a transcript of a television clip reporting on Chomsky’s visit here. Chomsky’s courtesy call on Iran’s terrorist army last week has been subject to an utter news blackout in the mainstream media. Take a look at what a Google News search on “Chomsky” turns up here.


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