Fear and loathing at Newsweek

The other day, in a piece called “fear and loathing at the Washington Post,” I wrote:

There’s. . .a palpable fear among Democrats and MSM members — one that I’ve heard expressed openly in social settings. . . .It’s fear that the Rove-led Republicans will once again snatch victory from the Dems through some sort of dirty trick or illegitimate issue — like trying to get Bush’s judicial nominees confirmed

Howard Fineman at Newsweek is the latest to express this fear in a piece aptly titled (at Real Clear Politics) “Rove’s nightmare election strategy.” What nightmarish illegitimate issue does Fineman fear a desperate Karl Rove will raise this cycle? He’s going to “paint Democrats as the party of tax increases, gay marriage, secularism and military weakness.” In other words, Rove will revert to “us against them” politics. In fact, according to Fineman, by pushing the Brett Kavanaugh nomination Rove already has.

Imagine that. Instead of simply defending themselves from charges that they are the party of corruption, rich corporate fat-cats, disregard for civil liberties, deceitful wars, and the destruction of the environment (no “us against them” politics from the Democrats), the Republicans will also ask the voters to consider the alternative. In doing so, they will actually criticize Democrats.

You can’t fool Howard Fineman. Karl Rove really is an evil genius.


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