Friday Night Fun

Mitch Berg is a good friend of ours, and has, in my opinion, the word’s best-named blog: Shot In the Dark. I won’t say that Mitch’s social life is marginal; actually, it’s improved a lot lately. But he has a certain sympathy with the stereotypical girl-challenged computer guy. Hence his post today: Dateless Dweebs Worldwide: “This Is The Greatest Day In History”:

Those crafty South Koreans have answered many a 30-something Dorito-fed video-game-addicted socially-challenged sad sack’s dreams:

EveR-1, a combination of Eve and robot, looks just like a Korean female in her early 20s including her shape that is benchmarked against the nation’s model. The human-sized robot can understand 400 words and make eye contact while talking via her lips that are synchronized with the pronunciation of words.

Fifteen tiny motors embedded into her silicon face enable her to make a total of four expressions in tune with as many sentiments–joy, anger, sorrow and happiness.

From a distance, the android could be confused with a real, flesh and blood human being, according to [team leader Moon-hong] Baeg.

Mitch notes that having four expressions and understanding 400 words elevates her past a number of bloggers. I would add: past some Congressmen, too. Here “she” is:


I have to admit: there have been periods in my life when I would have asked her out.


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