God and Juan at Yale?

University of Michigan Professor Juan Cole is deservedly ranked by David Horowitz as one of the The Professors who are, in the words of the book’s subtitle, among the 101 most dangerous academics in America. We have previously reported on and lamented Yale’s possible interest in hiring Professor Cole. This afternoon Michael Rubin reports at NRO’s Phi Beta Cons blog:

The Yale History Department has voted to extend Juan Cole an offer, although the sociology department and the Yale Center for International and Area Studies have yet to hold their votes (it’s a joint appointment).

On the other hand, we are advised by a friend who spoke with a tenured Yale history professor this afternoon that Rubin’s report is “not accurate.”

The daughter formerly known as Little Trunk sent up the red flag on Yale’s possible appointment of Professor Cole in the New York Sun column she co-authored with Mitch Webber: “Yale’s next tenured radical?”

UPDATE: Digging for additional information, I think that now is the time for all good Yale alumni to come to the aid of their alma mater.


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