In the Strata-Sphere

Blog of the week The Strata-Sphere has lots of interesting stuff, including speculation as to whether Richard Armitage, not Karl Rove, may be the government official in prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald’s sights.

A. J. also highlights an expose in the Financial Times based on those pesky documents that were captured in Iraq. It appears that former Democratic Senator Robert Torricelli worked hard to get illicit oil-for-food contracts for a major campaign contributor, pledging to work for normalization of relations with Iraq in return. As A.J. points out, this was within a year after Saddam’s WMD programs were revealed by his defecting son-in-law. “Culture of corruption,” indeed!

And, finally, A.J. notes that there is a civil war going on in the Arab world, but it’s in Palestine, not Iraq, where steady progress toward democracy and a modern civil society continues.


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