Live from New Haven

This morning I’m attending the Yale University graduation ceremony in which the daughter formerly known as Little Trunk is included. Yesterday at Yale College’s traditional Class Day ceremony for the graduating seniors, CNN’s Anderson Cooper (Yale ’89) was the featured speaker. To say he exceeded expectations understates matters considerably. He was funny, engaging and mercifully free of cliches. A genuine surprise.

Not a surprise to readers of this site, on the other hand, is word that the prospective appointment of the disgraceful Juan Cole to Yale’s faculty proceeds apace. Today’s update comes via the Washington Times column by Joel Mowbray: “Hatchet man or scholar?”

PAUL adds: Congrats to Eliana (now that she’s graduated, I’ll use her actual name) and to the Johnson family. Mowbray’s column on Cole is well worth reading. Mowbray shows that Cole has essentially abandoned traditional scholarship for blogging, and that Cole’s blogging not only fails to meet academic standards, it doesn’t even satisfy the “standards” of the Daily Kos.


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