May Day

Power Line Video has posted the final video report by Andrew Marcus on the demonstrations around the United States this past Monday. Andrew’s report incorporates the work of Evan Coyne Maloney in New York and our other correspondents who answered the call for coverage of the demonstrations that John put out last week. Thanks to Joe Malchow, Andrew, Evan and eveyone else involved in helping us bring this important document to our readers. Please check it out.

JOHN adds: Andrew did a fantastic job on the video; don’t miss it. It provides an inside look at the May Day demonstrations from locations across the country that you won’t get anywhere else. It features some fascinating interviews with demonstrators, and highlights a troubling aspect of the rallies that has generally been airbrushed elsewhere: the extreme radicalism of many of the organizers of the demonstrations, which is reflected too often among the participants.

I think this project demonstrates the potential for a certain kind of citizen journalism, where ordinary citizens use their cameras and first-hand observations to record what happens in their communities. Through sites like Power Line Video, these observations can be communicated broadly and quickly. And, with the skills of people like Andrew Marcus, they can be presented with professional skill. Andrew’s video is, I think, another small but significant step in the process of opening up America’s mass media to the contributions of citizen journalists.


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