Of Loons and Gatekeepers

During the first hour of Saturday’s radio show, we discussed the issues of the day and handed out our weekly Loon of the Week and The Week in Gatekeeping awards. ABC won the prized gatekeeper award with its Dennis Hastert “scoop.” I don’t want to give away the identity of the Loon, but we played the trailer for a certain horror movie.

We also interviewed Michele Bachmann, the dynamic Republican candidate in Minnesota’s pivotal 6th District. The task of retaining control of the House in November will fall, in large part, to Michele and a handful of other key candidates. If you’re not familiar with her, check out the interview. And get out your checkbook!

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A few enterprising people, by the way, apparently didn’t want to wait for me to put up this link; they figured out my highly-predictable file-naming protocol and pulled the first-hour podcast off our server.


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