Remember him (and her)


Steve Dobrogosz is a Power Line reader, an American expatriate living in Sweden and a composer of multifarious talents. His new recording is “It’s Always You,” a compact disc on which Steve composed all the numbers, provided the piano accompaniment and found the lovely, talented female vocalist to perform. I’ve been listening to the disc with great admiration and enjoyment over the past six weeks or so. Check out the video of “Remember Me,” one of the disc’s highlights. This weekend Steve writes to advise:

We debuted at #1 on the Swedish jazz charts. The disc is available via this shop in Chicago, which will be the US importer and is taking orders now (search “Dobrogosz”).

I asked Steve who his musical inspirations are when he is writing in the popular vein reflected on “It’s Always You.” He writes:

I feel an affinity for the Gershwin way of crafting a tune, know the Lennon/McCartney songbook by heart, and in the last ten years have enjoyed Shania Twain’s music more than anyone else’s. Then there’s Beethoven, depending on one’s definition of popular music…

Sincere congratulations and best wishes to Steve and “It’s Always You.”

JOHN adds: Wow. Don’t miss the video. I’m ordering the CD.


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