So Which Is It?

Bob Cunningham writes to point out a fundamental contradiction on the part of those who say that 1) we can’t possibly deport the illegal aliens who are here now, and 2) the solution lies in a guest worker program:

The “conditions” being attached to legalizing the 12 million IMPLY, do they not, that if the conditions are NOT obtained….then what?…isn’t there an implicit promise then to DEPORT them?…similarly, with respect to “temporary” “guest workers”…if they don’t leave…or violate other conditions of their “temporary” visas…is there not the clear implication that THEY will then be deported??

….so which is it?…is the implied PROMISE to deport in fact a FALSE promise because deportation is not “possible”?…or is deportation easily possible and is just a question of political will?….in which case what about the 12 million?

…or if the claim is that we cannot feasibly deport ALL of the 12 million…then the question arises: how many CAN we deport?…and why don’t we?

The bottom line: if we “cannot” deport foreign violators of our immigration, naturalization and labor laws….then the “earned legalization” conditions for the 12 million illegals already here are bogus…and it is de facto complete and unconditional amnesty……AND the “temporary” guest workers” program is then a sham as well.

As I’ve said on the radio, there isn’t any need to “round up” the millions of illegal aliens now in the country. If we crack down on illegal employment, the jobs will dry up and the illegals will filter back across the border, the same way they came. Not all of them, of course, but most.

Bob, by the way, is one of those people who writes exactly the same way he talks!


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