The brightest and the best

The confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh, a top aide to Kenneth Starr during his time as the Independent Counsel in the Clinton investigations, led me to come up with a partial list of alumni of that office and the public service jobs they hold or have held since:

Brett Kavanaugh — DC Circuit judge and Staff Secretary to the President;

Steve Colloton — US Attorney in Iowa; 8th Circuit judge

Amy St. Eve — federal district judge, N.D. Ill.

Rod Rosenstein — Deputy Assistant Attorney General, Tax Division, then US Attorney, D. Md.

Karen Immergut — US Attorney, D. Oregon

John Bates — federal district judge, D.D.C.

Bill Duffey — US attorney for the N.D. Ga.; federal district judge, N.D. Ga.

Kevin Martin — Commissioner, then Chairman — FCC

Bill Kelly — Deputy White House Counsel

Eric Dreiband — General Counsel of the EEOC

Julie Myers — Deputy Assistant Secretary of Treasury, Chief of Staff, Criminal Division, US DOJ; Assistant Secretary of Commerce; Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security.

Other alums have gone on to become partners at top law firms, law professors, or high ranking corporate counsel.


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